Videography & Photography

We believe that video and photography are the most compelling storytelling tools in our arsenal, and we not only understand how to best capture imagery, but also how to deliver it - targeted directly to the right audience.


Align Multimedia’s video production process works from the ground-up, first building a great concept, then adding layers of stunning visuals, modern motion graphics, and clear and compelling audio. We then unveil it to your ideal audience by leveraging our extensive web and social media expertise. Our team has decades of experience producing effective video content that is known for its detail and high quality. We excel at all of the necessary technical components of producing great video, but the real key to our success is not our gear. It is our detailed process. Our process allows us to efficiently and effectively find the core of your story and reveal it to the world.


We’ve seen it far too many times and there is no sugar-coating it. You invested in a beautiful set of marketing collateral—website, brochures, booklets, etc. but it was ruined by pairing it with amateur photography.

Avoid this nightmare by acquiring a new library of photos that professionally tell the story of your organization. Align’s photographers have decades of experience, making us the best choice when your product, facilities or people have to look perfect. Whether we shoot at your location or ours, we will help you put your best foot forward.

well-crafted to your specific needs

Websites & Online

Whether you are running a start-up or you are a part of an organization with a well established brand, Align can adapt to your specific needs. Some web projects may require crafting a site based upon well established branding guidelines while others require us to start from scratch. We are perfectly suited to handle either option by adeptly leveraging our full suite of design services. The result is a great web presence that perfectly defines and speaks to your organization’s brand.

control the narrative

Graphic Design & Printed Media

Graphic design is the art of planning and projecting experiences. When a consumer picks a product up off a shelf or views an event poster you have only moments to convey information and leave an impression; the image you put out to the world is being critically evaluated in a matter of seconds. The same is true of paging through a brochure or catalog you have an opportunity to control the viewer’s experience.

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